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Apreco maintain ISO 9001

Apreco maintain ISO 9001


Apreco have successful maintained their ISO 9001 certification through to 2018.

Our ISO certificate for the “The Design, Manufacture, Assembly and Supply of Air Pressure Stabilisers, Air Pressure Relief Vents, Fire Suppression Vents, Air Control Valves, Air Control Flaps/Dampers, Air Pressure Monitoring Systems, Bespoke Engineering Solutions and Ancillary Equipment Associated with Air Pressure Control”.

It is important to check ISO certificates from suppliers as some certificates issued are often only for the ‘resale of goods’ and not for the design and manufacturing thereof, so quality control is limited. This is why our certificates are openly available to download to clearly demonstrate the scope of our certifications.


ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

690.23 KB Rev: 2018-2021

Apreco’s ongoing commitment to quality and the environment were praised by the auditor for going above and beyond the requirements set.

The ISO certificate, ewcl5, UAE Certification and various memberships to professional organisations mean the quality, performance and expertise offered by Apreco is unrivalled within the industries we operate.

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